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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Test and Clean Up


Explains how you test the upgrade, then how you clean up after upgrade is complete.

Test Your New BA Server

The last thing that you will need to do before testing is to clear the cache from your web browser. Your server is now ready to test.

  1. From an end-user workstation, start a Web browser and navigate to:
    Make sure to change the portion to your own BA Server's hostname, domain name, or IP address. A login screen appears.
  2. Click the Login button, log in normally with an existing account, and verify you can run your old BA content.
  3. Verify that your schedules exist and are functional. We recommend that you verify the following actions, if they apply to your EE (Enterprise Edition) scenario:
  4. Open a report that requires no user prompts.
  5. Open a report that requires user prompting (a parameterized report).
  6. If you are a Pentaho Reporting EE customer, create a report using Interactive Reporting.
  7. If you are a Pentaho Analysis EE customer, create a new Analyzer report.
  8. If you are a Pentaho Reporting EE customer, create a new report through Interactive Reporting.
  9. Open a dashboard if you have a Dashboard Designer support entitlement.
  10. Create a new chart using Chart Designer, if you have a Dashboard Designer support entitlement.
  11. Publish a report from Report Designer.
  12. Publish an analysis schema from Spoon.
  13. After all other tests have been performed, check your server status in the Pentaho User Console.
  14. Check your application server log for any errors.

Troubleshoot Problems

If you have problems with the upgrade process, read Troubleshoot BA Server

Clean up

Now that your new BA Server version 5.1 is built, deployed, and tested, clean up old or temporary files, such as:

  • Temporary biserver-manual-ee or biserver-ee directories that are part of the installation package
  • Archive packages for client tools, servers, and plugins
  • Any backup artifacts, although you may want to keep these for a while, in case you need to roll back

If you plan to upgrade PDI, keep 5.0 backup artifacts and the pentaho-old directory.  They might be needed during the PDI upgrade process.  See the Upgrade DI Systems guide for details.