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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Migrate Your Data and Customized Settings


Provides instructions on how to migrate your customized data.

Because our system is highly configurable, many customizations can be made.  If you've customized files in version 5.0.x of the system, you will need to migrate those customizations over to version 5.1 of the system.  

Migrate Your Content

To migrate your content, such as schemas and reports, connect version 5.1 of the BA Server to version 5.0 of the BA Repository.  For details, read the Configure Repository article.

Strip Timestamps from default-content Directory Filenames

Remove timestamps from default-content directory filenames so the samples, audit, and operations-mart import properly when the server starts. 

  1. Go to the pentaho-solutions/system/default-content directory in version 5.1 of the server.
  2. Rename each file so that the basic name is the same, but the timestamp is removed.

    For example, if the filename is, remove the timestamp so that the file is renamed

Adjust Custom Hybrid LDAP/JDBC Settings

If you use the Hybrid LDAP/JDBC security configuration option, read the Manual LDAP/JDBC Hybrid Configuration article to learn about the changes and make the necessary adjustments on your system.

Copy JDBC Drivers

For your existing data source connections to work, copy your JDBC driver JARs for all of your data sources from version 5.0 of the system to 5.1.  Driver locations appear in the following table.  If you have deployed the BA Server on JBoss, follow the instructions in the Use BA Manual Installation for details.

Design Tool Location
BA Server pentaho/server/biserver-ee/tomcat/lib/
Report Designer pentaho/design-tools/report-designer/lib/jdbc/
Schema Workbench pentaho/design-tools/schema-workbench/drivers/
Aggregation Designer pentaho/design-tools/aggregation-designer/drivers
Metadata Editor pentaho/design-tools/metadata-editor/lib/JDBC/
Supported drivers are listed in the JDBC Drivers Reference.  Make sure there are no other versions of the same vendor's JDBC driver installed.

Adjust Memory Settings

If your memory settings for your 5.0 version of the server is greater than the default, you will need to adjust it again in 5.1.  For information on how to adjust memory settings, see the Changing the Java VM Memory Limits section.

Merge Custom Configuration Settings

The configuration files in the following table have been upgraded since 5.0.  If you've modified settings in them for 5.0, you will need to find the file in 5.1, then manually modify the settings again.

Directory Files
pentaho-cdf settings.xml,plugin.xml
data-access settings.xml, plugin.xml
dashboards shell/, plugin.xml
common-ui plugin.xml
cgg plugin.xml
analyzer settings.xml, plugin.xml,
admin-plugin plugin.xml

Here is how you migrate these files.

  1. Back up copies of the new configuration files.
  2. Add your customizations to the new configuration file.  If necessary, use the File Diff tool of your choice to compare the old and new versions file to help you find the changes.

Copy Configuration Settings

There are configuration files that have not been upgraded for 5.0, but are typically modified by Pentaho customers.  If you have modified these files, copy them from 5.0 to 5.1. The Configuration Settings Reference for BA has a complete list of these files.

Migrate Other Customizations

There are other customizations that you might have made to the old system that will need to be migrated to the new one.  You might also need to test the customizations to ensure it works properly with the new version of BA.
  • Custom scheduler and user settings
  • Community plugins you or others have written
  • Web applications integrated with BA

Migrate repository.xml file

Migrate the 5.0 version of the repository.xml file to version 5.1 of the system. 

  1. Copy the respository.xml file in system/jackrabbit for version 5.0 of the server to version 5.1 of the server.
  2. Delete the‎ system/jackrabbit/repository directory from version 5.1 of the server.