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New Features in Pentaho Business Analytics 5.1


Provides information on new features for BA version 5.1. Improvements include new visualizations, date-range filters, and improved sorting in Analyzer.

Pentaho Business Analytics 5.1 delivers some exciting Analyzer features that help you visualize your data, apply date-range filters, and improve sorting.

Analyzer Enhancements

We have implemented some new Analyzer enhancements to increase the overall functionality for an improved user-experience.

Sunburst visualization

New for 5.1, you can now use the Sunburst visualization to organize and display your data in a series of colorful rings. Starting with the center ring, each ring going outward represents more detailed information relating to the inner ring to which it is connected. These outer rings are arranged and colored to indicate their hierarchical relationship with the inner ring. Any fields that contain empty slices can be shown as gaps in the Sunburst.

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Ability to show data labels to charts

Use data labels to help your audience connect a concrete bit of data with the visual representation of that data within the report. You can specify where the label appears on your report to make it easier to read.

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Improved UI for setting Start/End date ranges for filters

The selection of date range filters for Analyzer reports has been made easier for users with Pentaho 5.1. Users can now manually enter date ranges or use a date-picker control to filter by a date range on a properly configured time level.

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Sort individual columns

Easy sorting of individual columns in Analyzer: just click on the column head in your report to do an ascending or descending sort.

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Ability to configure drill-through report columns

You can now configure drill-through report columns in 5.1. This allows your users to limit which columns to show in the drill-through report and have this preference saved for that report. This will not need to be reconfigured with each drill-through.

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Documentation Changes

Our documentation has been moved to a new platform that is easier to use, search, and maintain. Some documentation has been co-located so that it is easier to find.