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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Clean Up Operations Mart Tables

Cleaning up the PDI Operation Mart consists of running a job or transformation that deletes data older than the specified maximum age. The transformation and job for cleaning up the PDI Operations Mart can be found in the "etl" folder.
  1. From within PDI/Spoon, open either Clean_up_PDI_Operations_Mart.kjb for jobs or the Clean_up_PDI_Operations_Mart_fact_table.ktr for transformations.
  2. Set these parameters.
    • max.age (required)—the maximum age in days of the data. Job and transformation data older than the maximum age will be deleted from the datamart.
    • schema.prefix (optional)—for PostgreSQL databases, enter the schema name followed by a period (.), this will be applied to the SQL statements. For other databases, leave the value blank.
Data that was not within the specified date range is now deleted.
To schedule regular clean up of the PDI Operations Mart, see Create DI Solutions.