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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Create ETL Logging Dashboards

This procedure shows how to create a dashboard using the sample log data and report created in the Loading Sample Reports, Charts, and Dashboards procedure.

Dashboards and the elements within them are highly configurable and can be modified to fit a variety of complex analytical needs. See Use Dashboard Designer for more information about creating and customizing dashboards.

  1. From with User Console, click on New Dashboard icon.
  2. Select the 2 and 1 template.
  3. From the Files pane on the left, drag these items from the list to the dashboard canvas.
    • Top 10 Failed Jobs and Transformations
    • Top 10 Slowest Transformations
    • Transformation Throughput Overview
  4. For each content pane do the following:
    1. Give the content pane an appropriate title.
    2. From the Objects pane, select Prompts.
    3. Select Add to add the first of two new prompts.
    4. Name the first prompt Start Date and make it a Date Picker. Click OK.
    5. Name the next prompt Period and make it a button. Set the Data Type to Static List. Click OK.
  5. Save the dashboard.
  6. Select the Pencil icon on the toolbar to place the dashboard in edit mode.
You have a dashboard that displays log data created using the Data Integration Operations Mart.