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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Create ETL Logging Charts

  1. Open a new report from within Pentaho Report Designer.
  2. Create two parameters: Start Date and End Date, both with a Value Type of Date and a Prompt Display Type of Date Picker.
    1. From within Pentaho Report Designer, Go to Data > Add Parameter. This brings up the Add Parameter dialog box.
    2. For the Name field, enter Start Date.
    3. Set the Value Type to Date.
    4. Set the Display Type to Date Picker.
    5. Repeat steps 2a. through 2d, but name this second parameter End Date.
  3. Create a new metadata data set. In the Metadata Data Source editor, under XMI file, point to the metadata file in the solutions folder under the BA Server at biserver-ee/pentaho-solutions/PDI Operations Mart Sample Reports/metadata.xmi.
    1. Go to Data > Add Datasource > Metadata. This brings up the Metadata Data Source editor dialog box.
  4. Set the Domain Id / BI-Server Solution Name: to PDI Operations Mart Sample Reports/metadata.xmi
  5. Create a new query named Top 10 Slowest Transformations, then open the Metadata Query Editor.
  6. Add these fields to the Selected Columns list.
    • Dim executor > Executor name
    • Fact execution > Minimum Throughput
  7. Add these conditions to the query:.
    • Dim executor > Executor type = 'transformation'
    • Fact execution > Minimum Throughput > 0
    • Fact execution > Execution Timestamp >= {Start Date}
    • Fact execution > Execution Timestamp <= {End Date}
  8. Add the following order to the query: Fact execution > Minimum Throughput (Ascending - ASC)
  9. Click OK twice to exit the Query Editor and the Metadata Data Source Editor.
  10. Create a new Open Formula. Name it rc and set the value to: &amp; (ROWCOUNT([LC_Dim_executor_executor_name])+1) &amp; ": " &amp; [LC_Dim_executor_executor_name].
  11. Create a new chart by dragging the chart icon on the left to the Report Header section of the report. Set the size.
  12. Double-click the chart to bring up the Edit Chart dialog box. Select XY Line Chart as the chart type.
  13. Select CategorySet Collector as the collector type under Primary Datasource.
  14. Set the category-column value to the rc function, and the value-columns value to the Minimum Throughput field.
  15. Under Bar Chart properties, set these options.
    • x-axis-label-rotation to 45
    • show-legend to False
    • tooltip-formula to =["chart::category-key"]
  16. Preview the report, selecting various parameter values to verify the chart is being displayed correctly.