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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Give Users Access to the DI Operations Mart

You must have previously mapped user roles, as described in Mondrian Role Mapping in the BA Server.

By default, only users who have the Admin role can access the Pentaho Operations Mart. The Admin role has access to all capabilities within all Pentaho products, including the Pentaho Operations Mart. If you want to allow users to view and run the Pentaho Operations Mart only, you can assign them the Pentaho Operations role. For example, a user who has been assigned the Pentaho Operations user role is able to open and view a report within the DI Operations mart, but does not have the ability to delete it.

To give users access to view the DI Operations Mart, assign the Pentaho Operations role to those users.

  1. From within the Pentaho User Console, select the Administration tab.
  2. From the left panel, select Security > Users/Roles.
  3. Select the Roles tab.
  4. Add the new role called Pentaho Operations by following the instructions in Adding Roles.
  5. Assign the appropriate users to the new role, as described in Adding Users to Roles.
  6. Advise these users to log in to the Pentaho User Console, create a Pentaho Analyzer or Pentaho Interactive Report, and ensure that they can view the Pentaho Operations Mart in the Select a Data Source dialog.