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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Set Up and Distribute the Data Models

This procedure describes how to set up and distribute the data models for the DI Operations Mart under the BA Server:
  1. Place the models/[MyBusinessModel].xmi and the models/PDI_Operations_Mart_<dbname>.mondrian.xml, where <dbname> is the name of the database containing the DI Operations Mart, under the BA Server directory at the following location: bi-server/pentaho_solutions/PDI Operations Mart Sample Reports. You may also put the [MyBusinessModel] into bi-server/pentaho_solutions/admin/resources/metadata or to another solutions directory so it is available independent of the sample solution. In case you already have an existing [MyBusinessModel] in this location, you need to rename the file to PDI_Operations_Mart.xmi. The same applies accordingly to the Mondrian schema.
  2. Rename the PDI_Operations_Mart_<dbname>.mondrian.xml file to PDI_Operations_Mart.mondrian.xml.
  3. Create a new database connection. Name it PDI_Operations_Mart. Then set the connection information to the Data Integration Operations Mart database location. You can copy the needed URL from the database connecting within Spoon when editing the connection information and pressing the Feature List button.
  4. Add a category entry to the datasources.xml file, which can be found here: bi-server/pentaho_solutions/system/olap/.

    If you named your data source PDI_Operations_Mart and used the solution folder PDI Operations Mart Sample Reports, then the addition to the XML file looks like this.

    <Catalog name="PDI_Operations_Mart"> 
        solution:PDI Operations Mart Sample Reports/PDI_Operations_Mart.mondrian.xml
  5. Save the file.
  6. Restart the BA Server.
  7. From the User Console, refresh all caches and settings.
The DI Operations Mart data models are available for Analyzer and Interactive reporting using the PDI_Operations_Mart data source.