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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Load the Sample Data in the DI Operations Mart

For the sake of illustration, this procedure uses the Fill_datamart_with_sample_data.kjb job in the pdi-operations-mart\samples\datamart folder to load sample data. This job is intended to be run from the file system; do not import it into your EE repository.

If you have loaded your own data to the PDI_Operations_Mart, this procedure will corrupt the data.

Transformations use the PDI_Operations_Mart database connection. The connection information has been left out. Use this procedure to configure the connection so that all transformations can use it.

  1. Open the transformation and edit the PDI_Operations_Mart, adding the correct database information.
  2. From the transformations View pane to the left, right-click the database connection you just edited to bring up its context menu. Then click Share and close the transformation. Close the job to ensure the change is saved. Only the Fill_datamart_with_sample_data.kjb job should be open now within Spoon.
  3. From within Spoon, execute the Fill_datamart_with_sample_data.kjb job.
The sample data is loaded into the DI Operations Mart.