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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Install the DI Operations Mart

These instructions are for customers who are only using the DI Server and its tools. If you purchased Pentaho Business Analytics, the Data Integration (DI) Operations Mart installs as part of the installation process and you do not need to follow these instructions.
  1. Navigate to data-integration-server/pentaho-solutions.
  2. Unzip to a temporary location. The archive folder structure is:
    • pdi-operations-mart/
      • DDL/
      • etl/
      • models/
      • samples/
        • dashboards/
        • datamart/
        • jobs_transformations/
        • reports/
  3. On the computer that runs the DI repository from PDI/Spoon, create a folder within the repository, such as public/pdi_operations_mart. Import the etl/pdi-operations-mart.xml to this folder. The import creates two database connections:
    • live_logging_info: The online database that stores the logging data for the sample jobs and transformations.
    • PDI_Operations_Mart: The off-line database that contains the DI Operations Mart database objects.