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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation


By using Pentaho Analyzer as the analytics tool directly on your MongoDB database collections, you can quickly build interactive analytical reports. This partnership between Pentaho Analyzer and MongoDB helps you take full advantage of the OLAP multidimensional capabilities of MongoDB for all of your complex analytical needs.

Some of the features covered here include:

  • Manually creating MongoDB connections to Analyzer
  • Manually creating Mondrian 4.0 schemas to use with MongoDB
  • Unwinding MongoDB arrays inside a schema
  • Publishing the schema to the Pentaho Business Analytics Server
  • Designing Analyzer reports directly from MongoDB collections
  • Sending MDX queries to MongoDB to ask complex analytical questions


Before you begin, make sure that you have reviewed the supported technologies for running Pentaho Analyzer and MongoDB.


The topics in this section are written for IT administrators who know where data is stored, how to connect to it, details about the computing environment, and how to use the command line to issue commands for Microsoft Windows. You should also know how to install a database and a web application server.


You must supply a workstation that meets the hardware and software requirements indicated in the Supported Technologies section, as well as a supported operating system.

Login Credentials

You must be logged onto an account that has administrative privileges to perform the tasks in these sections.


Analyzer Features Not Supported

There are a few Analyzer features that are not yet supported when using MongoDB for Analyzer for Pentaho BA Suite 5.1:

  1. The Data Source Wizard is not supported for MongoDB. To create connections, use the file. For models, manually create Mondrian XML schemas.
  2. Graphical modeling in Schema Workbench or Thin Modeler is not supported; to edit your model, you will need to edit the Mondrian XML schema file.
  3. Drill-through to detail source data from MongoDB is currently disabled.
  4. The ability to see MongoDB queries from the admin logs is not currently enabled.
  5. Parent-Child hierarchies are currently not supported in Analyzer on MongoDB.
  6. Analyzer on MongoDB is based on Mondrian 4 schemas, which uses Measure Groups instead of the Virtual Cubes from Mondrian 3. The Measure Group functionality is not yet implemented in this version of Analyzer on MongoDB.
  7. Only single-level unwinding of MongoDB arrays currently supported.