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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Release Notes 5.0.1

About this document

This document provides late-breaking information about this IIoT Core v5.0.1 patch release. It may also include information that was not available at the time the technical documentation for this product was published, as well as a list of known issues and possible solutions.

Intended audience

This document is intended for customers and Hitachi Vantara partners who license and use IIoT Core.

About this release

You can use IIoT Core to gain insights into your industrial operations by onboarding and processing data close to its source through a flexible and composable architecture.

IIoT Core includes a small gateway software stack called the IIoT Gateway that can ingest data from automation and IIoT devices. The gateway software and device is managed by a management node referred to as IIoT Core Services that is operated through a user interface. IIoT Core Services also serves as a data aggregator for multiple gateways.

Security notice about Spark

The Spark Operator has a known security issue, CVE-2022-25647, which has not yet been fixed in the latest version.

·         For a new installation of IIoT Core Services (incl. LEI v4.x), it is recommended that you do not install Spark as an optional component.

·         For existing installations, it is recommended that you delete the existing installation of Spark.

·         If you do install Spark, you do so at your own risk. Hitachi Vantara expressly disclaims any and all liability related to any installation of Spark.

The following link provides more information about this security vulnerability:

Resolved issues

·         Resolved UI issues:

- Asset Page, Events tab occasionally displayed overlapping graphs, which is now resolved.

- Asset drop-down list now displays vertical scroll bars.

·         Resolved connection path issue for images to be deployed affecting Knative, monitoring and other services.

·         REST API improvement for Asset services:

- Query by specified asset name.

- Query by asset metadata, including description and attributes.

·         API interactive page improvement:

- Base path is now visible on the API documentation page.

- Execute button issue is resolved.

- Asset endpoint is updated with 5.0 changes.

·         Google Cloud Docker registry push issue is resolved.

·         When performing an IIoT Core Services upgrade, tasks and custom commands are preserved from the previous installation.

Documentation and software

IIoT Core product documentation is available here:

To upgrade IIoT Core 5.0.0 to v5.0.1, go here:

Product software downloads are available on Hitachi Vantara Support Connect:

Log in and select Product Downloads to access the most current downloads, including important updates that may have been made after the release of the product.

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