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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation


In Lumada Data Catalog, Notifications are important for collaboration between key contributors and stakeholders. They are designed to grab a user's attention for tasks that require the user's input or acknowledgement.

Notifications are displayed as an incremental count badge on the top navigation menu. Click the Notification icon to view a list of your notifications. Clicking an individual notification takes you to the item that triggered the notification, and marks the notification as read. From the list you can mark notifications as unread or delete them.

Lumada Data Catalog triggers notifications in the following scenarios:

  • Job completion

    Whenever a job submitted by a user finishes with either a success or failure, a notification is generated for that user.

  • Experts

    You can ask the experts on the resource any questions related to the resource, such as the application of the resource or the data validity, or to call the expert's attention to the resource if something seems to be missing. Under the Experts section in Virtual Folders, click the user name to email the expert.

  • Virtual Folder changes

    A notification is triggered when a virtual folder is created or deleted or if there are changes in the path specification of any virtual folder.