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Quick Start

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Whether you are an admin user making connections to a new data source, a data steward curating existing business terms, or a data analyst analyzing the fresh data influx, Lumada Data Catalog provides tools for your data management, classification, and discovery needs.

To get started using the Data Catalog, log in using the address and credentials provided by your Data Catalog service user or administrator.

Log in to Lumada Data Catalog

Before you begin

Before your intial login, ask your Data Catalog administrator for the following items:
  • URL and port number of the Data Catalog web server.
  • User name and password for accessing Data Catalog.
To access your catalog, perform the following steps:.


  1. Launch a web browser and enter the URL and the port number of the Data Catalog web server provided by your Data Catalog administrator:

    http://<IPAddress>:<port number>/

    If you are using Data Catalog virtual machine images, use the following location from inside the VM image:


    The Data Catalog Welcome page appears.
  2. Click Login with SSO.

    The Sign in to your account dialog box opens.
  3. Enter your user name and password and click Sign in.

    The Home page displays.

Tour of the Home page

The Home page provides a central location for accessing the business tools available to you based on your role, such as business glossary, data canvas, and dashboards. You can also access your user profile and notifications from the top menu bar, or use the menu bar on the left to navigate to different features in the product. If you know what you are looking for, you can begin searching your data in your catalog on this page.

User menu bar and Search

Access the top user menu to view notifications, manage your user profile, and log out. View the following table for details about these features:

Help icon HelpClick the Help icon to navigate to the Data Catalog documentation.
Notification icon Notification Click the icon to display a list of notifications about job events. For each notification, you can:
  • Click an entry in the list to open the Job Activity page and view the logs and details for the selected job.
  • Click the More actions icon for a specific notification and select Mark as read or Remove.
When the Information icon displays next to a notification, it signals that a job is in progress. A green check mark signals a successfully completed job. Your unread notifications appear in bold.
Profile icon ProfileClick the Profile icon to open the User Profile page or to log out of Data Catalog.

You can also start searching your metadata on the Home page. Enter keywords or click in the search box to begin. You can search across the metadata in threee ways: performing a global keyword search across all the resources or fields available to you, reuse a previously entered or saved search, or run an advanced search. For more information about searching in Data Catalog, see Searching Data Catalog.

Main menu bar and quick access cards

Use the navigation menu bar on the left of the page to access the key features available to you in Data Catalog. The following is a list of the menu icons and what features they open:

Home icon HomeReturns you to the Home page from your current location in Data Catalog.
Search icon SearchOpens the global search page loaded with the results from the last search performed. For more information about the Search tool, see Searching Data Catalog.
Bookmark icon BookmarksWhen you mark a resource as a favorite, it appears in your Bookmarks page. This page contains a list of all the data resources that you have marked as favorites. Click a favorite resource to open it in the Data Canvas.
Explore icon Data CanvasExplore your data in the Data Canvas. For more information, see Data Canvas.
Data Rationalization icon Data RationalizationIdentify and analyze copies and overlaps of the data in your data lake in the Data Rationalization dashboard. For more information, see Data rationalization.
Glossary icon GlossaryOpens the Business Glossary page where you can create, organize, and curate business terms to help you navigate your data. For more information, see Managing business glossaries.
Workflow icon WorkflowView and manage workflows on the Workflows page. A dot next to the icon indicates that there is a new workflow notification that requires your attention.
Tools icon ToolsConfigure system settings and integrate with other systems in the Tools page.
Management icon ManagementManage your data sources, virtual folders, agents, jobs, business rules, user roles, and more in the Manage Your Environment page.

When you navigate to the Home page, you can see quick access cards for LDC features associated with your role and permissions. For example, if you are a data steward, you may see cards for curating business glossaries and exploring data in the data canvas. If you are a system administator, you may see additional cards for viewing dashboards, monitoring job activity, and managing your environment.