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Resource properties

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Lumada Data Catalog modifies discovered resource properties to add user-defined metadata to the resource. This metadata holds business value or communicates the data quality of the resource.

Default properties

Default properties are the resource metadata properties that Lumada Data Catalog discovers during the format discovery process. Data Catalog uses standard properties as the default, giving you general information about the resource based on metadata standards.

After making any changes in the default properties, make sure you save and rerun the schema discovery and profile discovery jobs.

CautionDo not run format discovery after changing any default properties. Format discovery resets to the discovered default properties.

Custom properties

User-defined metadata contributes to business value. While you can only define custom properties if you have an Admin role, you can edit or view these properties with other user roles based on policies set by the administrator.

NoteGuest roles can view properties but are not permitted to set any custom properties.

You can access Custom properties for a resource by navigating to Explore Your Data to open the Data Canvas view. Select the resource then click the Properties tab.

Custom properties that are visible but are not available for editing to a role appear grayed out. Typically, the text that appears below the property field describes how the property is to be used or the values it can take. Contact your Administrator for more details.

Custom properties also appear as new facets in the search, so you can use custom properties to perform more complex queries based on your requirements.

View unstructured data properties

You must run the data profiling process on unstructured data before you can view the data properties.

Perform the following steps to view the properties of an unstructured data asset:


  1. Select the unstructured resource you want to investigate in the Data Canvas. This can be a file or a folder.

  2. Click the More actions menu on the right of the resource in the navigation tree and choose Process.

  3. Click Data Profiling Combo.

  4. (Optional) Clear the Incremental check box.

  5. Click Start Now.

  6. Select an unstructured document to view its properties.


The document properties display in the Document Properties pane. Note that the properties displayed will vary according to the type of unstructured data selected.