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Managing the metadata server

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To view tokens and registration strings that are required for installing the metadata server, navigate to Manage and select Tokens. Note that you can only view from this location.

To configure the metadata server, you must edit the following files in the conf/ directory:

  • application.yml
  • configuration.json

Metadata script

The default metadata server installation is located on the cluster where the application server and the Data Catalog repositories reside in the opt/ldc/metadata-server directory. The metadata-server script in the metadata server installation controls the operation and maintenance of the metadata server. Output the --help option to view a list of all the commands supported in the agent script.

<MetaServer Install>$ bin/metadata-server --help

Usage: ./metadata-server [command] [options]

          start : start the application
           stop : stop the application
        restart : restart the application
         status : prints the status of the application (running/stopped)
            log : print the last 200 lines of the application log.
                  Use with -f or --follow to follow
           init : synchronize repository configuration with app-server
                  Use with --endpoint <endpoint>, --client-id <client-id>, --token <token> --public-host <hostname> --port <port> and --cert-fingerprint <ssl SHA256 fingerprint of secure endpoint>
        upgrade : upgrade yaml configuration with and start server

     -h, --help : displays this help
  -v, --version : prints product version information
  -v, --version : prints product version information
   -f, --follow : for log command, follows the log file
        --debug : for start or restart commands, starts the application in debug mode
      --suspend : when used with --debug, suspends the JVM until the debugger is attached