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Scheduling dataflows

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You can run a dataflow at a scheduled time or set it to run on a recurring schedule. When you schedule a dataflow execution, an Active schedule icon displays on the dataflow card. If the dataflow has two or more active schedules, a badge with the number of active schedules appears at the top right corner of the icon.

Clicking the Active schedule icon displays a summary panel of the next three scheduled executions. If you have more than three active schedules, the total number of active schedules is displayed, yet only 3 are shown in the summary panel.Active schedules icon

Schedules page

To work with the dataflow schedules available to your user profile, click Schedules from the Dataflow menu bar. The Schedules page shows a list of all dataflow schedules you can edit, remove, pause, or resume.

Each schedule listed contains the following information and buttons:

Information and buttonsDescription
StatusThe status of the schedule for the dataflow indicated in the Title column. Status values include:
  • Active
  • Paused
  • Completed
TitleThe name of the dataflow.
ParametersSelect the Preview button to open a panel to display the parameters and values for the selected schedule.
Next executionThe date and time of the next scheduled execution.
Start timeThe start time of the scheduled execution.
End timeThe end time of the scheduled execution.
RepeatsThe pattern of dates for a recurring execution.
EveryWhen you schedule a dataflow to repeat, the Every option displays. Depending on which value you select for the repeat, options for that repeat schedule display. For example, if you select Weekly, the day of the week and the End series options display.
Scheduled byThe user who scheduled the dataflow.

Click the More options icon to Edit, Remove, or Pause a schedule.

Schedule a dataflow

Perform the following steps to schedule a dataflow:


  1. From the Card view, click Execute on the dataflow card.

    Clicking the card itself takes you to the Summary page. You cannot add a schedule on the Summary page, but you can manage an existing schedule.
  2. Navigate to the Schedule section of the Execution Configuration page and select On.

    The Schedule options display on the page.

    Schedule options

  3. Set your schedule options as needed.

    If you set a recurring execution by selecting the Repeat option, the recurring execution options display.
  4. Click Schedule in the upper-right corner.


The dataflow execution is now set to run on the scheduled time and the Active Schedules icon displays on the dataflow card.

Manage a schedule

Perform the following steps to modify an existing schedule:


  1. From the Card view, click the dataflow card that contains the schedule you want to modify.

    The Dataflow summary page opens.
  2. Navigate to the Schedules section.

  3. Click the More actions icon for the schedule you want to modify.

  4. Depending on the action you want to take, choose one of the following options:

    EditSelect to modify the schedule. When the Schedule options display, change the schedule options to the settings you want, then click Replace Schedule.
    RemoveSelect to delete the schedule. A dialog box appears asking if you are sure you want to permanently remove the schedule.
    PauseSelect to temporarily stop the schedule from executing the dataflow. The Status indicates that the dataflow is paused and the dataflow will not execute until the schedule is resumed. To resume the scheduled dataflow, click the More actions icon, then select Resume.