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Editing dataflows

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As a data engineer, you can lightly edit dataflows using the Lumada Data Transformation Editor.

While you are executing your dataflows, you may need to make small adjustments to the transformation or job itself that comprises your dataflow. Instead of leaving your LDOS workspace, you can edit that dataflow using Data Transformation Editor, which is available from the App Switcher.

Built as a web-based editor, Data Transformation Editor provides access to the design tools in Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) directly from LDOS. When you need to adjust a few field values or parameter variables inside a KTR or KJB file for optimized execution, open Data Transformation Editor to make those light edits.

To open Data Transformation Editor from your LDOS Home page, click the App Switcher icon in the upper-right of the window, and select Data Transformation Editor from the Applications menu that appears.Select Data Transformation Editor

Data Transformation Editor opens in a new webpage in your browser. Use the File Open menu to navigate to the transformation you want to open and lightly edit the step, job entry, or transformation properties in the PDI design canvas. When finished, be sure to import your saved transformation and job file into Lumada Dataflow Studio for scheduling and execution.

See Pentaho Help for more information about using your version of PDI design tools. For instructions about the import process after editing, see Importing dataflows.

Remember that Data Transformation Editor is designed for light-weight editing, such as simple adjustments to field values and parameter variables inside a KTR or KJB file. It is not the preferred tool for extensive changes to these files, nor is it designed for executing long-term runs. Use PDI and Dataflow Studio for these types of workloads.

ImportantAs a best practice, up to three users at a time may access a single instance of Data Transformation Editor. Exceeding this recommended user count per session may decrease performance or impact your data.