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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Tour the Lumada DataOps Suite

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The Lumada DataOps Suite is a web-based environment where you can monitor solutions and access your data operations applications. Get started by launching a web browser and entering the URL of the DataOps Suite. When the Solution Login page opens, log in using your assigned credentials.

DataOps Login

From the Home page you can navigate to your assigned applications, view notifications, and log out.

Home page

App Switcher App switcher iconOpens the Applications menu so you can navigate to a data operations application.

Applications may include:

  • DataOps Suite

    The data operations software. Click to navigate to the Home page.

  • Data Transformation Editor

    Web-based application for editing data flows. See Editing dataflows for more information.

  • Data Catalog

    Click to access Lumada Data Catalogto automate discovery, classification, and management of your enterprise data.

  • Solution Management

    Administrator dashboard for managing, upgrading, and configuring your DataOps Suite solutions.

  • Keycloak Default Realm

    Click to access your Keycloak default realm to manage single sign-on users, credentials, and roles.

NotificationsNotifications iconOpens a list of notifications and alerts for you to view and take an action. You can remove a notification or mark it as read.
UserUser profile iconOpen your user profile to view your assigned role and to log out.
The Dataflow page provides quick access to common tasks for your dataflows, briefly described below. For more detailed information, see Use Dataflows.
NameSummary of features
Flows Click Flows to view all the dataflows that are available to your user profile as individual cards or as list items. When you select a dataflow, you can inspect its summary information and execution status, and perform tasks for that dataflow including executing, scheduling, and editing.
MonitoringView a chronological list of recently executed dataflows, including summary statistics such as success or failure, date and time, and start and end times. You can also access detailed execution reports.
SchedulesView a chronological list of dataflows scheduled to execute, including summary information such as date and time. You can edit, remove, or pause any items in the list.
To navigate to your assigned applications, click the App Switcher icon and select an option from the Applications menu. While applications vary depending on your role, DataOps Suite is available for all roles.

When finished your work in an app, be sure to completely log out of that application. Use the App Switcher to navigate back to the DataOps Suite Home page.

To log out, select the User icon on the Home page and click Logout.