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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Product overview

Lumada DataOps Suite simplifies and modernizes your day-to-day data processes to help your organization improve cross-functional collaboration, integration, data governance, and automation. DataOps Suite allows you to bring in large volumes of data quickly through Lumada Data Integration while using the data governance and compliance tools offered by Lumada Data Catalog to tag and protect sensitve data for enterprises.

DataOps Suite provides central navigation for all users, including admins, data stewards, analysts, data engineers, and guests. Roles and permissions are set by the DataOps Suite administrator in conjunction with your assigned permissions in the integrated applications you are accessing, including Lumada Data Catalog or Lumada Data Integration. You can navigate from the application to the DataOps Suite main page or to other applications using the embedded App Switcher.

LDOS welcome page

After installation, site administrators can access Solution management from DataOps Suite to manage the solutions for your organization's users. If you are assigned the administrator role for your site, see Administering the DataOps Suite for more information.

Users such as data stewards and data engineers have access to transformations and jobs in DataOps Suite. From here, you can automate data flows and tasks for data model training. If you are a data steward, data engineer, or analyst user, see Use Dataflows for more information.

For an overview of the user interface, see Tour the Lumada DataOps Suite.