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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation


Learn how to install and configure your Lumada DataOps Suite (LDOS). Installation must be performed by an IT administrator or a systems administrator. Start by contacting your Hitachi Vantara Customer Success representative for an analysis of your requirements.

Before you begin

You must have the following items in place before installing LDOS:

  • An existing cluster where you want to install LDOS.
  • The access code to download the LDOS installation file.
  • A Network File System (NFS) server set up and configured.
  • Deployment of the Kubernetes container that serves as the foundational layer to administer LDOS, sometimes referred to as Foundry or the Solution Control Plane in the installation documentation.
  • The Metrics add-on solution and the LDOS solutions uploaded to the cluster. The Metrics add-on is a generic extension for the Kubernetes container. The add-on silently and transparently collects generic Kubernetes metrics about any resource in the cluster.

Your Hitachi Vantara Customer Success representative arranges for these items to be included with your system. If these items are missing, contact your Hitachi Vantara Customer Success representative.

NoteOn-premise and AWS are supported for LDOS. PDI AEL-Spark is not supported with LDOS.
Installing LDOS

After you have your requirements and prerequisites in place, see Installing and configuring Lumada DataOps Suite for further instructions.