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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation


As the LDOS administrator, you can manage the solutions in the Lumada DataOps Suite for your organization. Solutions are the applications and tools your company uses in your day-to-day data operations. Administration tasks include installing and upgrading available solutions, configuring solution options, and assigning users and permissions. The Solution management window is your home for these administration tasks.

This article assumes your IT administrator has installed and initially configured the DataOps Suite for your organization and you are ready to log in and customize the solutions for your users.

Basic administration tasks include:

Additionally, there are advanced tasks you can perform as the LDOS administrator. These tasks impact your initial installation and configuration settings. As a best practice, you should only perform these tasks with the guidance of your IT administrator or your Hitachi Vantara Customer Success representative. If you have an issue with these tasks, contact your customer account representative.

Advanced topics include: