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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Lumada DataOps Suite

  • Product overview
    Product overview
    Lumada DataOps Suite simplifies and modernizes your day-to-day data processes to help your organization improve cross-functional collaboration, integration, data governance, and automation. DataOps Suite allows you to bring in large volumes of data quickly through Lumada Data Integration while using the data governance and compliance tools offered by Lumada Data Catalog to tag and protect sensitve data for enterprises.
  • Install
    Learn how to install and configure your Lumada DataOps Suite (LDOS). Installation must be performed by an IT administrator or a systems administrator. Start by contacting your Hitachi Vantara Customer Success representative for an analysis of your requirements.
  • Administer
    As the LDOS administrator, you can manage the solutions in the Lumada DataOps Suite for your organization. Solutions are the applications and tools your company uses in your day-to-day data operations. Administration tasks include installing and upgrading available solutions, configuring solution options, and assigning users and permissions. The Solution management window is your home for these administration tasks.
  • Use Dataflows
    Use Dataflows
    You can manipulate your Lumada DataOps Suite data using the Lumada Data Integration solutions: PDI client, Data Transformation Editor (DTE), and dataflows. Use PDI client to extract, transform, and load (ETL) your data using transformation and job files.Use Lumada Data Transformation Editor to make simple modifications to your transformation and job files in a web-based environment.Use dataflows to execute and schedule your transformation and job files in a web-based environment.