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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Get started as a Company Admin

The Company Admin is typically the first user of a company, who can then invite other members to join the company and assign different roles. The Marketplace Manager assigns the Company Admin role to the user specified in the seller's contract.

Assign roles

You can assign roles to users depending on the tasks they perform. For more information about the tasks performed by a specific role, see Intended audience.


  1. Click Manage Account.

    Or, from the marketplace, click your username, and then click Account.
  2. Click Users Roles.

    Assign Roles to Users
  3. From Assign Users to Roles, select the role and the required users. Or, from Assign Roles to Users, select the user and the required roles.

  4. Save the settings.

Invite users to your company

You can send invitations to users to join your company.

Before you begin

Users must be part of the Okta security group to access Hitachi Marketplace. Click Contact Support to add users to the Okta security group.


  1. Click Manage Account.

    Or, from the marketplace, click your username, and then click Account.
  2. Click Users Invite Users.

    Click Invite Users and add single or multiple users
  3. Add a single user or multiple users:

    • From Add Emails, enter the email address of each user. You can also select their role.
    • From Upload Email List, upload a file with email addresses of users. The file must be a plain text file with size less than 2 MB. It must contain a single column with one email address per line, and must not exceed 2,000 lines.
    NoteIf you use the Upload Email List option, you cannot include user role information. You must assign roles separately. See Assign roles.
  4. Send the invitations.

    A message appears confirming the action. Invitation success message
  5. (Optional) Click Assign Invited Users to assign applications to users. For more information, see Assign products to users.

(Optional) Create a group

You can create a group and add users. For example, you can create a group for all users with the Developer role and assign applications to a group rather than a specific user.


  1. From the marketplace, click your username, and then click Profile.

    The user profile page appears, where you can view the user roles and contact details.
  2. Click the Gear icon, and then select Manage Groups.

    The Manage Groups page appears.
  3. Click Create Group.

  4. Enter a group name and add a description.

  5. Click Create Group.

    The Add Users page appears.
  6. Select the users that you want to include in the group from AVAILABLE USERS. You can use search to find specific users.

  7. Submit the details.

    A message appears confirming the group creation.

Update your company profile

You can update the company information, contact information, and company logo. Your profile provides information about user roles, user groups, and applications assigned to you.


  1. Click your username and click My Company.

  2. Update the company information, and then click Save.

Use the Dashboard

You can perform administrative tasks related to the company from Dashboard.

To reach the Dashboard from the marketplace, click your username, and then click Account. If you are on one of the Hitachi Marketplace configuration pages, click Manage > Account.

You can perform the following actions in Dashboard:

  • View the activities of your company users on the marketplace.
  • Invite users to your company.
  • Assign applications to users within your company.