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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Add a product

You can add a product and update the associated details if you have the Developer role.

Before you begin

Depending on your product, complete the following requirements:

Make sure that you have collected the following information about your product. For more information, see Collect the product details and Onboarding worksheet.

  • On-premises, SaaS, or self-hosted
  • Product edition: Demo, Trial, POC, or Purchase
  • Revenue model and pricing
  • Branding information, such as product logo, icons, and themes
  • Product architecture


  1. Click Manage Developer.

    By default, a seller with a Developer role lands on the Developer Dashboard after logging into Hitachi Marketplace.
  2. In Quick links, click Create New Product.

    Add a product from Quick links The Create New Product page opens. Click Add Products
  3. Enter the product details as specified in the following table:

    Product NameYour product nameEnter the name of your product.
    Service TypeStandalone ProductA product that you can buy without any additional products.
    Product TypeWebApp

    A web application that includes a marketing profile, billing capabilities, and full integration.

    After you create a product, you cannot change the Product Type.

    Integration Type

    Full Integration

    The product is completely integrated with Hitachi Marketplace. You can configure the product profile and branding, configure multiple editions, and publish it to the marketplace.

    Usage ModelSingle User

    Only users who purchase the product can use it. The product cannot be reassigned.

    Usage Model is shown only when Integration Type is Full Integration.

    Revenue ModelFreeSelect the Revenue Model option to determine how you charge for your product.
    NoteOnly the Free revenue model is supported in this release.
  4. Create the product.

    The product is created and listed on the Manage Your Products page.