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Hitachi Vantara Lumada and Pentaho Documentation

Upload the product releases into the Artifactory repository

This section describes the process followed by the DevOps team for uploading the product releases into the Artifactory repository.

NoteWhen preparing to onboard your product to the marketplace, click Contact Support to establish a communication channel with the DevOps team.

The DevOps team is responsible for the Artifactory repository configuration, product build, release process, and any product-related DevOps activities.

The product releases are published in the Hitachi Marketplace Artifactory repository using continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) automation.

  • If your product team already has integrated such automation into the CI pipeline, get help from the DevOps team with the configurations necessary for uploading the product releases to the repository.
  • If your product team is not using the DevOps managed tools, work with the DevOps team to create a custom process for uploading the product releases into the repository.

Standard CI/CD-ready configuration

The standard configuration for uploading your product release to the Artifactory repository consists of:

  • A set of development and release repositories for the binary packages of your application, such as Maven or Docker.
  • A service access token for pushing and pulling packages through the Artifactory repository.

Work with the DevOps team to set up this configuration for your automation process.

Product release process

The DevOps team configures the release process.

For security and repeatability purposes, your enterprise software builds must not resolve third-party artifacts from the public repositories. The third-party remote repositories for Maven central,, and Node.js are pre-configured, so you can resolve the third-party open source software (OSS) package through the system. Contact the DevOps team to set up the necessary configurations to pull packages from the public repositories.

Continuous release CI automation workflow

The DevOps team uses the CI automation workflow to:

  • Configure your CI process to resolve Maven, Docker, or other artifacts used in your product build binaries using the Artifactory repository server.
  • Ensure that the CI process deploys all your build binaries in your product development repositories. You can use the JFrog CLI tool with the manifest file that is used to create the Artifactory BuildInfo metadata.
  • Use the Artifactory build metadata to promote your product binaries from the development repositories to the release repositories and define the release bundles.

Custom release

The custom release includes automated or manual Artifactory publications that do not have the CI automation workflow. The DevOps team uses the Artifactory CLI tool to generate the build information and support the creation and deployment of the release bundles.